Powder Coating for Almost Everything

The Powder Coating Process… at the “Expect More” Scale

Hirschi Powder Coating is an efficient process with enormous ambition. After all—our booths and oven can fit whole tractors in them! Whether we’re coating a beautiful custom iron gate or equipment parts to help protect them from the elements, we’ve got you covered.

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Our process starts with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to be coated. Depending on the material in question, that might include heavy blasting or high-pressure washes to ensure that all oil or grime is removed.

Pre-Bake & Prep

Afterward, we pre-bake the equipment in our extremely large oven to ensure that any and all oils are driven out from the heat.

Once completely clean, we prep the equipment by masking off or plugging any areas you don’t want powder coated like electrical consoles, screw holes, or other recesses where powder may interfere with the assembly or operation of your equipment.


Now to the powder coating booth! With the best equipment and a pristine environment, we can achieve a custom flawless finish in colors ranging from mild to wild.


Once coated, we cure the product according to the manufacturer specifics of the powder used and any unique considerations of your project.

After the curing, the equipment is ready for one final quality inspection where mil thickness and finish is checked before assembling, packaging, and delivering your powder coated project.

Why You Need Hirschi on Your Job

Reliable Quality Control

Our team has an eye single to quality! We want you to be proud of your finished product for years to come.

Client-Focused Confidence

When you choose Hirschi, you’ve got a partner on your side who will always prioritize the relationship and quality work.

Scalable “Horsepower”

We treat your project the same whether you have 1 or 400 pieces. We have the tools needed to get it done right.

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“I can always trust the accuracy and pricing in Hirschi Powder Coating’s estimates.”

“My experience with Hirschi Powder Coating has always been met with honesty, integrity, accountability, trust, respect.”

“Working with Hirschi offers the relief that I don’t need to worry about anything. I know
things will go smoothly.”

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